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Cinderella 3 - A twist in time Hirushja 3 - Loja e fatit NOTE - only the speaking part is dubbed in Albanian language. the songs are in italian language because the movie was distributed from walt disney italy (i don't know why). it's too bad that the first and the second movie has the songs in albanian and this third one not....pffff.....but the dub is good. Curiosity - Anastasia is dubbed from Manjola Merlika, the actress that dubbed Ariel in TLM 1. I don't remember Cinderella's voice actress but she is known for her voice in Winx Club where she dubs Bloom in all the 4 series and the movie. The actress that dubs Lady Tremaine is the one that dubs Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty.

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1. eni (website) e premte 26 Tetor 2012

desha te shikoja hirushen mund ta shikoj.

2. leona mici e enjte 24 Nëntor 2011

dua ta shoh edhe un hirushen 3

3. e diel 05 Qershor 2011

te papare

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